Love Checklist

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Daily Love Accomplishments

Every night before going to bed for one month, take a few minutes to read through Brilly’s Love Checklist and reflect on all the ways you showed your lover affection that day. Feel a sense of fulfillment as you check off everything you did to promote a flourishing relationship with your partner.

Discover New Ways To Love

Start showing your partner love like never before as you seek to check off areas of the checklist that haven’t been given attention. With over 50 different techniques to express love included, you’ll come across creative approaches to loving your partner that’ll transform your relationship.

Become A Better Lover

Throughout this period of one month, push yourself to check off every checkbox on the checklist. To build an even stronger bond, have your partner complete their own checklist and fill out the customizable portion of your checklist with personal ways they would feel even more loved.

Included In Every Download:

  • Guide
  • Brilly's Checklist
  • Customizable Checklist

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